Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm loving.

I'm loving that my hair is slowly but surely growing out reaaallyy long. It comes just past my shoulders when I wear it down :). I'm having all kinds of wedding hair daydreams- what I want my hair to look exactly like. Right now it's just about this color:

and I'm hoping to dye it to reach this color:
loooovee the up-do as well!!

I'm loving these DIY ideas I found:
( silver spray painted coffee beans. To be be filler inside of a pretty glass vase or bowl)

( I really adore this prayer board idea. totally going to make one for our home ;)

( scrapbooking paper used in place of photos. I will probably be using this since I'm totally weird about pictures. I love family photos, but paintings and random pictures about things I don't care about just seem awkward to frame in the house, no?)
I'm excited that my last day at work is Saturday **yayyyy**** totally excited and already booked most of my future Saturdays doing fun and memorable things with the ones I love.

Happy mid-week!!! 

(all photos via pinterest)

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