Friday, August 12, 2011

Vacay day one:

Wednesday started out with lots of appointments and errands. We met with our photographer and started preparing for our wedding! My fiance and I are so excited about our pictures :). Our engagement photos are scheduled in a couple of weeks, so samples will be posted in the near future!

Onto the interesting part of the evening. I bought a one hour dance lesson for B and I through livingsocial a few weeks ago. We decided since the weather was nice, to stop by a local park and take some snapshots of each other before our dance lesson:

After the pictures we started searching for the dance studio. We drove to the right city, but we couldn't find the business! We finally drove up and down the particular street the business was said to be on, and found that the address was to a white home. Could dance lessons be given in a white home? Perhaps. B drove me to an ice cream shop where I asked the clerk for directions. He was not helpful. I then called the dance studio, which wasn't much help either. We returned to the car, and realized the gas tank was sitting on empty. While driving around, searching frantically for a gas station, we found our dance studio! If only the story were over. We thoroughly enjoyed our time dancing together and learned quite a few moves! After the lesson, we walked out to the car and then began looking for the keys. They were nowhere. I checked my purse, B's pockets, the dance studio, my purse, but no keys. Yep, there they were, inside the car. All locked up from every angle, my car was completely secure and so were the keys inside it. Our lovely night turned into about a 3 hour driving fiasco, running back to my house to retrieve the keys, back to get the car, then back home again. Day two, please bring good luck!

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