Friday, August 5, 2011


I've never been super good with phases. ( Of life, that is). When I graduated high school I literally sat cluelessly, wondering what I was supposed do without seeing my friends daily. Each time I've almost  quit my job of 3 years I get this odd, sad feeling deep down. The truth? I'm horrible with goodbyes. I hate hurting others' feelings. I will go the extra mile and then ten more just so I don't step on someone's toes, or upset them in some way. I hate goodbyes because I hate letting others down.
Today was my last Friday, last full day of babysitting the girls for 10 hour days. I will continue to keep them until September, but our lengthy days of watching Spongebob and Phineas are over. And this fact really saddens me. At the same time, I'm ready for my life to consist of more "adult" activities. Such as: accomplishing work that requires studying, dressing as a professional ( oh, how I've missed that), and scouting out potential careers. I keep picturing my dream cuticle in a perfect job setting with wonderful coworkers and an exciting atmosphere. Maybe my career will not be a dream come true, but I'm so excited to get started on it! I am revving to put all this passion inside me into something.. show something profitable. ( I'm not implying that raising kids is not profitable; I think raising kids is the most profitable thing one can do. I just don't have much time for anything else right now. And I've experienced nothing else). I'm so thankful for the opportunities and experiences I've been given. And I sincerely look forward to what is in store for the future :).

Happy Weekend!! 


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