Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Summary.

This week totally flew by. The girls and I hung out doing the regular daily activities: playing with the dog, going to the pool, playing board games and watching It's  Me or the Dog ( very addicting show!).

Now that I have my wedding dress, I've been daydreaming about our wedding constantly. I think it's going to be so beautiful!!

Last week I swear I bruised a rib or pulled some muscle or something- jumping off the diving board. Yes, apparently that can happen. And to a 19 year old body nontheless. Diving board was off limits this week!

Today the girls and I watched Never Say Never ( Abby's favorite). I must say that I was really quite impressed. Overall a very wholesome, good documentary. I like that Justin and his group pray before each show, don't use foul language, and act in a civilized way ( unlike most artists today).

I'm so thrilled that I have finally determined a college plan for the Fall. Being out of school since last Fall has been so hard for me. I really love working in school and feeling like I'm earning something. I have missed school so much! I enrolled at Liberty University Online and was accepted! I'm already starting to enroll in classes and set things up for the fall semester. Since I've chosen the online route, I'll be able to work part-time while I work for my Bachelor's degree in Business : Project Management. I'm really, really looking forward to getting started and feel like this is the plan God intended for me to have!

I have surprisingly done pretty well exercise and diet wise considering my schedule. I'm secretly anticipating the Fall when I can dedicate to a strict daily workout schedule and diet. Right now convenience is a huge element, so I just work with what I have.

I took the girls to Chickfila to see Spongebob on Monday night. They were super shy about being around him, but they warmed up after a little bit and posed for a picture :).

I think that's about it for this week! Have a wonderful weekend! <3

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