Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's in your bag?

here's a tiny peek inside my purse. What's in yours?

I'm currently using my juicy couture my sister bought me for Christmas. I love the metallic color because it's so versatile. 

Nivea lip balm: I love the chunky stick Nivea lip balms. I have about 3 different kinds! They are perfect for when I don't feel like putting on a heavy gloss or lip stick, or when I'm going to be outdoors for a while. 
Bobby Pins: girly lifesavers
Hand Sanitizer: Because I'm constantly touching germy things, wiping runny noses and chasing furry dogs.
Tide to- go pen: I am horrible about spilling on myself. Probably because I do most of my eating alone and in my car. 
Portable tooth brush: because clean, fresh breath is always nice.
Car keys: complete with about 20 barcodes and coupons. 
Passport Holder: I use it as a coupon case. I have so many coupons and punch cards that my wallet cannot hold them all. This cute holder was a great alternative to an overlystuffed wallet!
Perfume: I try to carry a purse spray or small perfume with me. Right now I use Aerie. It smells really light and sweet and it's perfect for spraying on the go. 
Contact case + solution: I've had so many contact lens mishaps that I finally got smart and started carrying around a miniature bottle of solution and case for them. This has really helped with those urgent problems!
Almonds + Cranberries: I love having healthy, non-melting snacks with me for when I'm commuting.
Revlon lip gloss: I really love to use revlon's bright pink lip color when I do decide to dress up my makeup. 

Checkbook and lots of pens: I got my vera checkbook about 2 years ago and it's held up really well. I love the print as well :)

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