Saturday, May 21, 2011


This weekend is slightly more low-key than my usual ones. Last night, Bart & I went to see the latest Pirates movie. It was decently entertaining, but I'm not a die-hard Pirates fan to begin with, and we were both pretty exhausted from working during the week. If you've seen the others and liked them then I'd recommend going to see this one also. 
Tonight I got out of work reasonably early, so I've used this time to plan wedding details and try to map out my latest workout agenda. Yep, another one. This is the specific one I'm working on. Crossing my fingers it works. Perhaps I should have starting working out more than 1 week before vacation, but hey, it's alright. 
I'm really looking forward to working on my tan tomorrow and enjoying the sun out on the lake. I went out for a few minutes today but not long enough to really tell any difference. 

I'm still really curious about the Step exercise videos I bought ( off itunes). I've never done step before & while it looks like fun, I don't want to go out and buy a block if it's not a very effective workout. Looks like there is yet some more research in my future.

Hope you are having a fabulous Saturday evening!


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