Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Chatter.

I realize that some people all probably getting sick of my gluten posts, so I'll be sure to have some other ones soon. Honestly, this diet change has been a huge part of my life recently, and I can't help but talk about it. Here's a little taste of what's been happening lately:

Gluten Free Meals:

this stir fry consisted of: provolone, tomatoes, black olives, asparagus and black pepper. It turned out to be a really yummy, wholesome dish!

I've been starting each morning off with soft boiled eggs. I love the squidgy center and soft shell! I add a little black pepper and salt and I stay full for hours!

lately I've really been wearing out Publix's yogurt shelves. I'd tried almost every flavor of their yogurt! I just stocked up with twenty.. that should last me a few weeks.

I am totally obsessed with think thin bars. they are so, so delicious and gluten free! My favorite so far is the chunky peanut butter, but the fudge is a close second place. I get them at Whole Foods market, and they are only about 1.50 each. Almost the same price as a candy bar- much better trade off!

You probably remember all my chatter about wanting to start the Fit in your Jeans by Friday workout dvd.. Well, I found the app today ! I was so anxious to try it as soon as I bought it. I was slightly disappointed when I realized it is STEP, meaning I need a stepping block. Whoops. So currently I'm trying to find an alternative "step block" that will do the job. Maybe I can find a cheap one at Walmart. hmmmm....

This week I did the unthinkable. I dusted off the sneakers and started running again!! If I'm going to be honest, it's been about 3 months since I've really, really exercised and broken a sweat. I didn't really gain much weight because I lost about 20 pounds during recovery from surgery.. so I basically just got back to my normal weight. Anyhow, on Sunday I randomly became motivated to go for a little jog. I went for about thirty minutes before church and I felt great! Monday I didn't get up early enough, so I just ended up playing Just Dance for the Wii to get some cardio in. Yesterday morning I went for another run around the neighborhood, and this morning I did again. I can honestly say that I am So proud of myself! I'm so happy that I'm living a healthier lifestyle: eating gluten-free to help my stomach be healthier, and now exercising regularly to keep the rest of my body healthy. I'm trying to keep up the speed and not slow down! Will keep you posted as I work up the time/ miles. ( I'm not exactly sure how many I run... I just go to a certain spot in the neighborhood. I'll have to borrow my sister's pedometer soon!). The hilarious part about my neighborhood is that it's just a bunch of really steep hills. I'll take some pictures to post soon. It's more like going on a daily hike than a daily run! Better for the leg muscles I guess . . .

I finally got my over-due pedi this week and I love the pearly champagne color I ended up with! It's really neutral and perfect for Spring. I didn't get the chance to read the label, but I know it's made by OPI.

Speaking of nails, I just bought Pink Imagination by Finger Paints. It's the perfect princess pink! I absolutely love the way it looks on :). Actually considering it for a wedding polish!

My newest obsession: Tuesday Morning. They have almost everything! Amazing, cheap cooking supplies, house decor, even spanx! I found a much needed new comforter for only $20.00! It's down, so it's very, very warm and cozy. It's very soft and versatile, and it will fit the bed in my dorm room! Very practical and cute. I was satisfied with my purchase!

I am also in the process of looking at all things wedding. I'll post pictures of my runners-up dresses, and then post the actual decorations and details we are going to use. ( I refuse to post my dress in the off chance that my sweet fiance gets a peek ;).

Have a fabulous rest of the week!
p.s. the weekend is almost here :)


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