Monday, March 14, 2011

My fiancé is the greatest.

I seriously have the coolest husband-to-be on the planet. No joke! He is the sweetest, most loving, most adorable, person I know! Here are just a few things that make him so great:

1. I love that he is a wonderful protector and provider.
He always makes me feel so safe and secure whenever I am with him. I know he will make our home feel like a haven of safety and peace. I am also so very thankful for his providing spirit. He is so compassionate and loving; I know he will never let me do without the things I need!

2. I love that he has such a sweet, forgiving nature!
I can sometimes be very slow to forgiving people who have done me wrong; Bart is my ultimate role-model! No matter what anyone does to him, he manages to forgive them right away and hold no grudges! ( major bonus for the wifey :). I really want to become more like him and love people more fairly.

3. I love his amazing sense of humor!
It never fails, I can be in a super dull mood, extremely angry at him, or just plain tired: he always makes me laugh! usually when I'm angry it's the easiest time to laugh because he always seems the funniest. I love, love, love that I have a man who can take away my worries and remind me what happiness really is!

4. I love his competitive side!
I am so happy that B has such a competitive heart! I love sports as well, so we really encourage and challenge one another to always give our best!

5. I love that he is such a great care-giver.
Whenever I am feeling sick or just not up to par, He always makes me feel so comfortable and relaxed. He just has a way of putting me at ease. I also am particularly fond of the fact that He gets along great with children :).

6. I love that B is so humble and willing to help me!
He always pitches in and helps me whenever I ask (or don't!) and I am extremely thankful! Every girl's dream is to have such a helpful sweetheart.

7. I love that he is so thoughtful!

My gorgeous ring, the beautiful night that led up to my getting the ring, and so much more.. Bart is so creative and thoughtful! I love surprises and it makes me so giddy how he never stops surprising me.

8. I love that he is my dream come true:

The truth is, I could go on about B for days. I have been blessed with a wonderful man and I thank God daily for him. What a blessing to have such a wonderful person to spend the rest of my days with.

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