Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekend Inspiration

I'm spending an incredible amount of time on Blogger this weekend, but I guess it'll just be one of those weekends. I found this cool site and I'm now obsessed with it. I'm constantly searching through pictures looking for just the right one- and I must say- there are some pretty nifty ones on there! Here are a few pictures to brighten up your weekend ( and mine as well).

I love this. Heart yourself first. This is so true! So many people hate themselves and then are curious why others don't give them the respect and love that they deserve. In society, you must love yourself. Forgive your flaws! I'm not saying that you should never scold yourself or that you should strive to be a better person, but stop being so nit picky! Hating yourself is only going to complicate your problems further.

I thought this picture was great because it totally contrasts my post a couple of weeks ago ( when I wrote that presentation on the weight obsession) with the scales that said : FAT across the screen. All too often, we women rely on people, magazines, scales, and other sources to tell us if we are beautiful. Stop asking- we are.

This picture really makes me smile. Doesn't it remind you of those times when you're looking for just the right dress? You're going to a party or on a date, so you blast your radio up super loud, dance around in your slip and curl your hair. This reminds me of those quick, feelgood moments we have that make us so happy!

I'm a huge fan of lace -especially this season- and black is said to be the female "power" color. That explains why my wardrobe has so much black in it. This outfit is very sweet, but it also says I mean business, so don't tease me. Cute!

I'm so inspired by the warmth I receive from my friends. No matter what painful experience I'm going through, they are always there waiting to catch me. A true friend is someone who is always there, even in the times that they don't want to be there. I have some of the greatest people in the world as my friends, and I thank God for them often. I'm so glad that God gives us such sweet people in our lives here on earth. I am so very blessed.

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