Sunday, February 21, 2010

God's love is infinite.

God's love is infinite.
I've been pondering this thought ever since this morning.
I was sitting in church, listening to the pastor explain how
supreme and powerful God's love is, how capable He is of handling
even the most difficult circumstances.
Tonight, when I heard about my aunt, I thought back to the truth of
the message.
It's so hard to grasp, but it's so comforting when you do.
God's indescribable.
His mercy is so great!
When life cuts us so deeply, and we feel like we'll never breathe again,
God's there.. God's working, God's helping, and we don't even realize it.
Truth be known, God is the only One strong enough to handle our problems!
When we go through tremendous situations that seem impossible, it's because
it is impossible to go through them without God.
His love is wonderful, forgiving, uplifting, inspiring, and assuring.
His love is powerful.
His love is eternal.
His love is infinite.

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