Sunday, January 10, 2010

scarves are amazing.

Latest obsession of mine? Reading craft and style books. They are perhaps the most creative waste of time ever. Okay confession, this is not really a "new" development on my part, I mean I've been reading books like these for a while, but I found some really cool ones just recently! I've read: 1. Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts 2. Dress your Best 3. Invitations and Paper details. and 4 ( and MOST importantly) THE HANDBOOK OF STYLE, a man's guide to looking good. The last one caught your attention, didn't it? It definitely caught mine. The best part? The book is even better than the title itself. Inside reveals how to match clothing, wash laundry and style facial hair. Wow. I'm pretty sure it needs to be mandatory for every man in the world to own this little piece of miracle! Anyways it also mentions my FAVORITE new thing of winter, the amazing scarf. It turns out that men can wear them too! Who knew?! Turns out they are made in grays, blacks, plaids, masculine colors and what not. Scarves are my treasured accessorie. Because of my being enthused over this whole deal, I asked a few people for their opinions. Sadly, most opposed my idea. :(. sigh. It's okay though, because I'm pretty sure there's a large percentile of men wearing scarves, and they will someday cause the entire male population to sprint to macy's and get themselves one. Until then, I'll just keep enjoying my lovely neck warming piece of gorgeous.


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