Saturday, January 9, 2010


First blog entry of 2010! This is exciting =). Okay, so I made a few new years
resolutions this year, and some of them included writing and blogging. When I
logged in today I realized I hadn't blogged since November. This is a disgrace.
So, to fix this little glitch, I've decided to record the events and happenings
of each month so I never go a month without blogging once. Good plan, right? Well
I guess we will see..,,

January 1-3 seemed to be somewhat boring.. no real action started until the 4th.

okay skip to 4th..

January 4th.
school began, and the weather decided it would pretend like it belonged in the Arctic. :(.
I wasn't very happy because i HATE cold weather with a very strong passion. Anyways moving on to the important stuff. The next bachelor season started!!! This excited me a LOT. Why, you may ask? Because i am a fan of reality t.v. no, not especially of jersey shore, or the real world, (those are a bit TOO real for me!) but shows that are amusing and make me feel like my life, afterall, is not as dramatic and unreal as other peoples =). Anyway so Jake is definitely a good choice for the Bachelor.. he's different than most of the previous guys on the show. I'm a devoted fan.. I've been watching since Trista and Ryan! But yeah, back to Jake. He has my vote. The only problem ( and factor that adds humor to the show) i forsee is his ability to be extremely naieve and genuine. It's good, but sometimes I laugh at how perfect he is. Could Jake every get mad enough to stomp his foot? lol maybe. it makes me laugh though. Also, I was THRILLED when Jillian and Ed came on, because Jillian is like my alltime favorite bachelorette. Of course, I'm not a big fan of Ed's, and to be honest, I'm not sure why in the world she chose him, but I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions.. Moving on.. So basically my favorite choice for Jake would be Ali. She's adorable. She seems genuine and sweet, and she has a cute personality. Most likely she will be voted off next episode, thats what always happens to the ones i like! Prediction: Michelle will account for 80% of the drama this season. Why? She cries over everything. No, i mean EVERYTHING. She cried after she first met him and saw him talking to other women. Really? did you not read the info when you signed up for the show? I'm pretty sure other women will do more than talk with your "future mate" as you call him. Anyhow it will be very intersting =). Analyzing other's lives, it's what i'm good at, just ask me =).

What I learned this week

1. I LOVE men's scarves. All men should wear scarves. period. that's it.
2. I burn candles all too much. I'm pretty sure I lit 3 per day.
3. I HATE cold weather. ( i kinda already knew that, but this week concreted it)
4. I hate cold weather and wind combined.
5. Finding bargains is a wonderful feeling =).
6. How to tie a scarf 3 different ways. ( haley taught me)
7. Lady Macbeth was a lil creepy.
8. I LOVE elf makeup products.
9. I hate winter skin.
10. A grande Starbucks' peppermint mocha will fix just about any problem you have.


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